What happens if you do not renew the domain

What if I do not renew my domain even after it has expired?

Simple calculations You will lose ownership of the domain. If you do not really renew the domain. So I tried to tell you in detail what can happen with your domain.

In the first step, the Auto-Renewal Grace Period: is 0 to 45 days after the expiration of the domain. Within this period the owner of the domain will be able to retain ownership by renewing at a regular price.

Step 2: Redemption Grace Period: The redemption grace period is 30 days. At this time it is not possible to renew the domain at a regular price. If the owner of the domain wants, he can restore the ownership by restoring the domain with a penalty of about 10 times more than the regular renewal price.

In the last step, Pending Delete: Domain Delete takes 5 days. After the expiration of the pending deletion, the domain is permanently deleted and a new domain is available for registration.

References: ICANN. After the domain expires, the activities of some registrar companies may not be based on the above information.

Need to know more, some registrar companies have some rules.

For example, in some registrar companies, it takes up to 15 days or up to 30 days for the domain to be renewed at a regular price after expiration. Note: During the renewal grace period, the registrar varies from company to company. My advice would be to renew or transfer the domain while it is still valid.

If the customer does not renew after the domain expires. Then some registrar companies put the domain out of the auction. Anyone who bids at the highest price from an expired auction can buy the domain.

Domains usually go into expiration auction 30 days after the expiration of the domain, or 7 days before the 30 days. The period of the expired auction is 7 days or 10 days.

If someone wins the domain at the expired auction, wins, pays and does not get the domain. Then the money is refunded according to the refund policy of the registrar company.

Note: The rules for expired auctions vary from company to registrar.

Also, if your domain has a good keyword and if the registrar company deletes it. Then by backorder, many will try to register it.

Domain backorder refers to domain monitoring and domain tracking as well as a successful domain registration service. When the customer does not renew the domain, the domain is deleted by the registrar company. As soon as the domain is deleted, many people want to purchase it by registering the domain. Many registrar companies guarantee that they will register the domain as soon as it becomes available on behalf of the customer.

Remember, time does not wait for someone like that. Just like the domain and does not wait for anyone.

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