How can I buy a another registered domain

It is important to know at the beginning of the article if the current owner of the domain sells. In that case, you can buy.

The first thing to do: Check the domain’s whistle. Through the whistle, you will see the domain owner’s information such as name, email, phone number, address, etc.

Note: If the owner of the domain uses the (Whois Protection) service. Then the domain owner’s information will be hidden from the public.

Domain whistle checking tool:
ICANN Lookup

The second thing to do: Open the tap in any browser, type the domain name and visit. If an investor’s domain. Then use the landing page for sale purposes. You can get the option to contact from the landing page.

If the domain belongs to the in-user. Then you can see the interface of a beautiful website. You can contact the domain owner from the About option or Contact option of that website. Again, the domain may not have a landing page or a website.

The third step is to do the work: If the domain belongs to an investor. Then the domain must be listed for sale in the marketplaces. Domain name search in popular marketplaces is worth mentioning.

Marketplace for buying and selling some popular domains:

  • Sedo
  • Afternic
  • Dan
  • Epik
  • Flippa
  • Squad Help
  • hugedomains
  • NameLot
What you can do in the last step: By hiring a domain broker, you can try to contact the owner of the current domain through the broker.
The function of the domain broker: To contact the owner of the current domain according to your budget and if the owner of the domain sells. This will help you to purchase the domain successfully.
You can hire a domain broker from Domain Agents, Godaddy and Sedo.
Tip: When the deal is finalized by talking to the owner of the domain, complete the deal through escrow service. Escrow service is the safest and most convenient way to complete online transactions.
Suppose Dan Company is a third party in the escrow process. Now the seller will submit the domain to Dan and the buyer will deposit the money. The DAN company will then give the domain to the buyer and pay the seller.
When purchasing a domain from Marketplace, there is no need for a separate escrow service. If the deal is done through a domain broker, the broker will arrange the escrow service. A third party has to pay a small service charge for escrow service. Most of the big deals of the domain are done through escrow services.
Some of the most popular domain escrow service providers:
  • Epik
  • Escrow
  • Dan
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